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Online Master of Science in Nursing Program

Executive Nurse Leadership (Nursing Administration)

Begin your journey toward greater knowledge and greater influence: Enroll in Saint Xavier University’s online Master of Science in Nursing in Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration).

There is a critical need for skilled leaders with graduate nursing degrees. The best online MSN in Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration) degree from Saint Xavier University gives nurses the high-level perspective and crucial skills needed to manage a nursing department or unit. Advance your knowledge and ultimately impact systems and processes within your organization to improve patient outcomes. The curriculum in this online nursing master’s degree program is applicable to all healthcare settings, such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, rehabilitation centers, and hospices.

If you’re a nurse aiming for a nursing administrative leadership position, SXU’s top online MSN in Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration) is right for you. Our nursing master’s degree covers vital aspects of Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration) including:

  • Assessment and implementation of quality and safety measurements
  • Understanding strategies of collaboration
  • Conflict management with colleagues and patients
  • Budgeting and Human Resource Management
  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Prepares you for the Nurse Executive, Advanced Board Certification exam (NEA-BC) upon completion of administrative employment.

Are you ready to learn the business side of nursing and take the next step in your career? Learn more about the MSN in Executive Leadership (Nursing Administration) from SXU. Call 866-319-8966 or request more information today.